Audi Engages Effectively With Its Social Media Followers


Success in social media is not just about how many followers a brand has — it's about Engagement with those fans.

And measured that way, argues the social-marketing company Socialbakers, in a study reported on BrandChannel, some brands rise surprisingly to the top. They include Audi, the German luxury-car marque that blew away nine other major brands selected by Socialbakers in a comparison of social-engagement rates. The also-rans included not only Audi rival Mercedes-Benz — which did finish second among the 10 — but also BMW, Taco Bell, Disney, McDonald's, Samsung Mobile USA, Walt Disney World, Skol and Starbucks Frappucino.

Audi has two million fewer fans than Mercedes-Benz, Socialbakers said, but generated 15 percent more interaction in June: 700,000 social shares, likes and other actions.

Are your followers talking about you, interacting and engaging with you — or just 'liking' you and then moving on?