Just Launched: Facebook Stories

Facebook has just launched Facebook Stories, a new website (to be updated monthly) which highlights some of the personal side of what happens on Facebook.

According to social media business website Mashable:

The first issue of Facebook Stories centers on “remembering.” A video at the top of the page tells the moving story of Mayank Sharma, who used Facebook’s “People You May Know” tool to contact old acquaintances and reconstruct his life history after being diagnosed with meningitis at age 27. A separate page serves up stories on memory from The New Yorker‘s archives, courtesy of the magazine’s librarians. Ari Shapiro, NPR’s White House correspondent, shares “one memory he’ll never forget,” and author and journalist Joshua Foer shares a list of books on memory that informed his own on the subject.

Also included on the Facebook Stories website: an infographic revealing the types of stories most shared on Facebook.