93% of Users Access Facebook via Mobile


If you’re still questioning whether Mobile is taking over the world, wonder no more. According to the latest statistics collected by Expanded Ramblings (here and here), the world’s leading online destination, Facebook, now sees 93% of its monthly users access the site via mobile.

According to those stats (as at November 2016), 1.66 Billion Facebook Monthly Users (out of a total of 1.79 Billion Monthly Users) access the site via a mobile device.

Not only that, but more than one billion users ONLY access Facebook via Mobile.

So, if you’ve been wondering if you should devote a bit more attention to Mobile Marketing, the answer is YES.

Fortunately, we have some online training courses that can help you with both Facebook marketing and Mobile Marketing.

Upskill Yourself with Facebook and Mobile Marketing for 2017

Our online training courses cover a range of digital marketing topics, including:

Mobile Marketing course


Smartphone usage has hit the tipping point, in New Zealand as elsewhere. According to Google’s Consumer Barometer, three-quarters of New Zealanders now have smartphones — and these devices are dramatically changing consumer behaviour, with significant implications for Kiwi businesses.To help you master this challenging mobile environment, we’ve created a dedicated online training course about Mobile Marketing for NZ organisations.

For more details of the Principle & Practice of Mobile Marketing course, please click here.

The Complete Facebook Marketing Course

For those who wish to master Facebook Marketing in its entirety, we’ve created a ten-week online training programme which will take Kiwis from absolute beginners on Facebook to highly effective Facebook communicators.

For more details of the Complete Facebook Marketing programme, please click here.

Facebook Accelerator Programme

So you have a few hundred (or a few thousand) followers on Facebook but now you want to know how to get to the next level? Our Facebook Accelerator seven-part online course will lead you through the steps necessary to supercharge your Facebook presence and get Kiwi consumers engaging with you and your brand(s).

For more details of the Facebook Accelerator programme, please click here.


How To Create Effective Facebook Posts

Creating Effective Facebook Posts

The biggest challenge for any business using Facebook pages these days? Creating Facebook posts that get noticed and get shared.

So we’ve created a four-part online training course for New Zealand organisations that tackles this problem head on, identifies the secrets of effective Facebook posts and shows you exactly what you need to do to stand out on Facebook.

For more details of the How To Create Effective Facebook Posts short course, please click here.

Social Media Marketing Essentials

Social Media Marketing Essentials

Social media is an ever-changing environment and unless you’re involved on a day to day basis you’re unlikely to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the medium. So we’ve devised this social media marketing essentials course to capture the latest developments across the expanding world of social media for 2017, starting with Facebook but then expanding to consider all the social media channels that are relevant for NZ businesses.

For more details of the Social Media Essentials course, please click here.