Don’t Post to Facebook at Weekends? Opportunity Lost


If you’re like most organisations, you probably don’t post to Facebook — or indeed, any social medium — on Saturdays or Sundays.

Sadly, you’re missing out on the opportunity to engage with a large slice of your prospects and customers, while your competitors are snoozing their way through the weekend.

Mobile has changed everything

Sure, many people don’t go near their computers at the weekend. But did you know that the vast majority of consumers now access Facebook through their smartphones and tablets?

An incredible 1.74 billion Facebook users access the social network through their mobile device in a typical month (February 2017 data) — and more than a billion of us ONLY connect with Facebook via mobile.

And mobiles are always with us — and always on.

And, Facebook being where so many of peoples’ friends are, it’s easy to see why we spend so much time on our Facebook feeds, especially during the weekend when our time is not so taken up with work and other distractions.


Higher Engagement at the Weekends

So what exactly can you expect if you post at the weekends?

32% higher engagement, for one. Take a look at this data, drawn from a 2016 infographic summarising 16 research studies.


A 2016 study by Hubspot ranked 12-1 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday as one of the best three windows to post on Facebook.

That makes sense, of course, since life does still go on at the weekends. We still have things to do. But checking Facebook over (a later) breakfast and lunch is typical behaviour.


What Brands Actually Do at Weekends

This consumer behaviour isn’t new, of course — we’ve seen similar behaviour over the last seven years that we’ve been creating social media courses.

So have brands been paying attention?

Not enough, it seems.

Everypost shared the results of Marketing analytics firm TrackMaven analyzed 4,618 blogs published by brands over a year and evaluated which days of the week actually generated the most engagement across social media. Here is what they found, which may come as a surprise to social media marketers who focus mainly on posting content during the weekdays.

Average Posting Frequency by Day of the Week
Mondays: 17.2%
Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 18%
Thursdays: 17.9%
Fridays: 15.9%
Saturdays: 6.3%
Sundays: 6.8%

Average Social Shares by Day of the Week
Mondays: 12.5%
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays: 14.1%
Fridays: 12.7%
Saturdays: 18%
Sundays: 14.6%

So what does this tell us? Even though most brands are posting content during the week, the 13% of posts that were published on Saturdays and Sundays actually generated the most social shares overall.

So here’s our recommendation: post at the weekends* (doh!), as well as during the week.

You’ll have less competition from other brands, and more engagement from consumers. Win win.

*You don’t actually have to be at your computer at the weekends. Social posting tools such as Hootsuite, and even Facebook itself, allow you to pre-prepare and pre-schedule your posts.

Are Your Posts Actually Getting Seen by Your Followers?

Of course, we  shouldn’t ignore the elephant in the room — Facebook has dialled back on the percentage of your followers who will actually see your posts, with the result that (across the more than 23,000 NZ Facebook pages we track, just half a percent (0.55%) of those pages’ followers will engage with their posts.

Appalling? Yes. But YOU can do better.

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