Is Facebook Working for You?


It’s New Zealand’s most popular social network, with more than 2.5 million monthly Kiwi visitors (Nielsen Online Ratings September 2016), but Facebook isn’t necessarily meeting the marketing needs of NZ businesses.

For the last several years, Facebook has been dialing back on what’s called Organic Reach — the percentage of your followers who actually see what you’ve posted on your Facebook page.

According to our latest analysis, in January 2017 on average just 0.46% of NZ Facebook followers – less than half a percent – were engaged with posts on pages they follow.

Look Who’s Not Being Talked About

Of the 23,859 NZ Facebook pages in our January 2017 sample:

  • 8,260 pages (34.6% of our total) had no-one talking about them
  • 8,622 pages (36.1%) had between 1 and 10 people talking
  • 3,653 pages (15.3%) had between 11 and 50 people talking
  • 1,205 pages (5.1%) had between 51 and 100 people talking
  • 835 pages (3.5%) had between 101 and 200 people talking
  • 597 pages (2.5%) had between 201 and 500 people talking
  • 274 pages (1.1%) had between 501 and 1000 people talking
  • 318 pages (1.3%) had between 1001 and 5000 people talking
  • 53 pages had between 5001 and 10,000 people talking
  • 20 pages had between 10,001 and 20,000 people talking
  • 19 pages had between 20,001 and 100,000 people talking
  • 3 pages had more than 100,000 people talking: NZ Herald, Stuff and Hokonui

So how are you doing? Want to do better? We can help.

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How To Create Effective Facebook Posts

Creating Effective Facebook Posts

How To Create Effective Facebook Posts

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