Unsure what to post to Social Media? Now you can stop worrying


One of the most common challenges for any organisation or brand that is active in social media is deciding what to talk about.

Yes you can talk about yourself and your organisation, but you can’t do that all the time or your followers will simply switch off — and anyway, social networks like Facebook just won’t show those self-obsessed posts to many of your followers (unless you pay).

So what should you talk about?

There are plenty of answers to that question — and those answers are changing all the time. So we’ve drawn on our seven years of expertise, training Kiwis on the various aspects of social media — oh, and our 40+ years of marketing experience across both digital and traditional media — to put together an ongoing program that is specifically designed to help your marketing work more effectively, in social media and elsewhere.


That program, the Social Media Accelerator Program, includes:



Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew exactly what was coming up over the next month or so, both locally and nationally, so you could talk about topics near and dear to the hearts of your followers?

It was that thinking that led us to create our Social Media Content Calendar. It’s a six-week rolling listing of significant upcoming NZ events that can form the basis of many of your social media posts — and with enough notice that you can actually post something meaningful.

For example, if you know that your followers are likely to be interested in the New Zealander of the Year Awards, check out Wednesday, 22 February. That’s when the gala night is on in Auckland — and a few minutes googling should see you find out enough information to write about the topic.

Similarly, if your followers are into (for example) music, sports, business or home and garden care, the Social Media Content Calendar will alert you to what’s happening over the next six weeks.

And its a rolling six weeks, because each week we delete the week just completed, add a new week and update any last-minute changes.



There’s more to Social Media than just talking about What’s On, of course, which is why we also provide you with our Most Effective Social Media Posts, a weekly report listing the seven types of posts that really work (along with real Social Media examples, which can instruct and inspire you).

For example, here are three types of posts that really resonate with consumers:


In our weekly report, we talk about seven such approaches, provide examples of organisations using similar techniques and show you exactly how you might leverage such tactics for your own use.



Next we provide you with our special Social Media Content Ideas report, weekly suggestions of seven content ideas (with examples) that you can quickly adapt and use to promote your own organisation.

For example, Trade Tools Australia uses Crowdsourcing to gather and share pictures and videos of tradies doing silly or questionable things (and attracts thousands of likes, comments and shares):


Sign up for the Social Media Accelerator Program and each week we will send you:

  • The latest Social Media Content Calendar, a rolling six week listing of upcoming NZ events that can form the basis of many of your social media posts
  • The Most Effective Social Media Posts, a weekly listing of seven types of posts that really work
  • Social Media Content Ideas, weekly suggestions of seven content ideas that you can quickly adapt and use to promote your own organisation

The Social Media Accelerator Program can be yours for just:

$97+GST per month

($111.55 including GST)

sign up now

NB Your credit card will be billed monthly through PayPal, but you’re not making a long-term commitment, you can cancel at any time and have nothing more to pay.


The Social Media Accelerator Program has been created and is administered by Michael Carney, Managing Director of Netmarketing Services Limited.

Michael is a longtime NZ marketer. Michael has been employed in various marketing roles since 1971, online since 1987, involved with digital marketing since the mid-90s. He has been creating and tutoring online training courses since 2010. You’ll find Michael’s profile at http://linkedin.com/in/michaelcarney

From 2009 to 2013, Michael was Chairman of the Network of Digital Marketers, the digital special interest group of the NZ Marketing Association.

He is also the author of the book Trade Me Success Secrets, the top-selling book about New Zealand’s leading online auction website.