YouTube Influencer: Jamie’s World

We’ve been commissioning a number of new software tools recently, the better to analyse today’s digital marketing activities.

One of our newest and most interesting tools: a YouTube analytics tool, so that we can review NZ-based YouTube channels and see how well they’re performing.

For example, we’ve just taken a closer look at the NZ channel which (based on the data we’ve analysed so far) is NZ’s third most popular YouTube channel.

Jamie's World on YouTube

If you’re not familiar with Jamie’s World, you can check out the channel here:

The channel is run by young New Zealander Jamie Currie, has been around since July 2012, and as at 26 September 2017 hosts 96 videos that have collectively attracted 63,046,445 views. And yes, Jamie can be approached for business deals: her email is available on the About page of her channel.

Getting back to those numbers: the Jamie’s World channel has 1,321,591 subscribers, which puts it at #3 on our list of the NZ-based channels with most subscribers.

Over the last 12 months, on average, Jamie’s videos have attracted 95,889 views — well down on 2014-2016, when her videos averaged 399,994 views. Part of the reason for the declining viewership is the irregular Jamie’s World posting schedule: although the channel description suggests “I attempt to make weekly video’s but fail every time”, posts have averaged just once a month over the last year.

Unfortunately, YouTube’s 2017 algorithms favour those who post daily (!), which penalises those video creators like Jamie who only post occasionally. And subscribers aren’t happy either: a sad fan’s comment “Can u stay with us on yt this time and not desert us again pls and thanks” attracted 213 likes.

We need to look back to July 2013 to find Jamie’s most popular video, “My First Ball”, which has attracted 2,823,707 views. Feel free to add to that count by viewing the video here:

In summary: Jamie’s World is still well worth considering as an influencer worth cultivating. An average of 95,889 views ain’t chickenfeed. But the channel needs work to maintain and rebuild its audience.

PS If you’re considering Influencer Marketing but need assistance evaluating appropriate influencers, we can help (not only with YouTube but also with Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest). Drop us an email and let us know.