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Hottest Facebook Categories: NZ April 2017


As we do from time to time, we’ve taken a deep dive into our database of 24,836 New Zealand Facebook pages to see what we can learn.

This time, we’ve sliced and diced by category to determine which are the most popular Kiwi categories on Facebook.


There are a couple of cautions we wish to issue before we get into the details, however, just so you know why some of your favourite categories aren’t represented in these top 20 lists.

Firstly, you should know that before we started any number-crunching we removed most of the top 50 “most liked” NZ Facebook pages. That’s because those pages, typically NZ variants of international brands such as McDonald’s, KFC, Walt Disney, Nivea, Nissan, Cadbury and even Facebook itself, are displaying cumulative global likes rather than merely local numbers. As a result, total likes are somewhat out of alignment with local performances. It’s great that Facebook has 186 million likes, but such numbers tend to skew the averages.

For example, if we leave the global data in place, the average New Zealand Facebook page is rated as having 39,037 followers — a number that’s only surpassed by the top 500 or so Kiwi Facebook pages (out of our nearly 25,000 total).

Once we’ve stripped out most of the global pages, however, we arrive at a far more realistic and attainable average of 5,075 likes.

In the last seven days, just 146 people were talking about the average NZ Facebook page, an engagement percentage of 2.88%.


Secondly, we did want to point out the statistical dangers involved once we drill down into individual categories.

For this report, we have separated our database into the 700 different categories that Facebook offers (all of which are self-selected choices when a business creates a page).

As a result, more than a third of the available categories feature only one or two businesses — which, as you would imagine, means that the success or failure of the category depends on the performance of individual Facebook pages.

So, for example, if we look at the category “automotive storage facility“, that category tops the list of best performing Facebook pages in terms of engagement.

That category, however, represents a single business: Storage King Riccarton, which had a blinder of a pre-Easter promotion (requiring likes and comments to win a box of Easter treats).


So, with those warnings in place, let’s take a look at some numbers.

1 Facebook Likes

Firstly, let’s look at the categories that have attracted the most overall likes:



The top category, “Society/Culture Website”, is again skewed by a single page, for Oh! Baby — but, in this case, the page’s performance is steady across multiple posts and reflects effective use of Facebook. Take a look at the Oh! Baby page and see what you can learn for yourself.

2 Facebook Talks

Our second view of our category averages is by talks — the average number of people talking about pages in the category over the last seven days.

Results are very similar to likes:



3 Facebook Engagement

Finally, if we examine the Facebook page categories by Engagement (which we define as the number of talks compared to the total number of likes, expressed as a percentage), we see quite a different picture:



Again, as we noted above, the results will be skewed by individual page performances (and we don’t have time to dig much deeper right now). Still, the results give us an interesting perspective when we consider that:

  • dry cleaners are more interesting than government organizations
  • car dealers get a better rap than the public service
  • dog walkers are more popular than psychics (who should have seen that coming

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