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The Council and the Redback Spider

As we’ve mentioned a time or two on this blog before, we regularly monitor around 25,000 New Zealand Facebook pages, taking particular note of the pages getting most talked about.

Over the last week, the Northland Regional Council‘s Facebook page has popped up on our radar, achieving 9,312 Engagements (what Facebook calls “People Talking About“) despite having just 3,840 followers.

What, we wondered, was all the fuss about?

Turns out that it’s Redback Spiders. Here’s the post that got most of the attention, talking about an Australian illegal immigrant:


Apart from the 2,855 shares and 842 likes/reactions, the post also attracted 725 comments, many asking about the Council’s observation that “there are established red back populations in New Zealand”.  (Yes, notes the Council, “Red back spiders have been recorded as established in New Zealand since the 1980’s. There are populations in Otago, New Plymouth and most recently, Taupo.“)

Congrats, Northland Regional Council, for getting so much attention to your post. An important public service message (though we wish the topic wasn’t quite so disturbing).

Other Popular NZ Facebook Pages

Other high-performing Kiwi Facebook pages at the moment include:

AGI Education, celebrating the official opening of AGI’s new Epsom campus (9,012 Engagement, 2,240 followers):

AGI Education

Hossack Station Trophy Hunting (2,641 Engagement, 1,987 followers):


Zero to Five Baby Quality Baby and Kids Gear (5266 Engaged, 4916 followers)


(Sadly, this post also fell into the Public Service category, for the worst of reasons).

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