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Social Media Influences Most British Holidaymakers

It’s been evident for some time that social media plays a significant role when it comes to travel –and no surprises there. When you’re planning to visit somewhere you’ve never been before, who else would you ask first but friends who have already been there? Social Media simply extends the already-elastic definition of friends to include friends-of-friends-of-friends.

Now a new British study by online travel agency sunshine.co.uk reveals that more than half (54%) of U.K. holidaymakers use social media to plan their holidays.

They review hotels, resorts and destinations online, requesting personal recommendations from other online users, using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to gather information and reviews about a particular place before they book.

According to the survey (reported by Go Timeshare):

Almost every single person polled out of Sunshine’s 1,102 British holidaymakers said that yes, they do use social media and the internet to look up resorts before choosing exactly where they want to holiday.

They were then asked to select all that applied from a list of possible answers about how they went about researching their future destination/accommodation and the results were

  • Review websites – 62%
  • Social media platforms – 49%
  • Information from travel agent – 33%
  • Word of mouth – 26%
  • Travel guides – 19%
  • Other – 13%

61% said they used Facebook to share and post comments and photos, whilst 17% said they used Twitter to do so.