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Introducing Our Facebook Audit & Analysis Programme

Is Facebook working for you?

How effective is your Facebook page?

Are your customers and prospects engaging with your page — liking, commenting and sharing — or does the page just sit there, ticking over, not doing much for you?

If you’d like to improve that performance significantly, you could take our new “Creating Effective Facebook Posts” short course (today’s the Early Bird Booking deadline for that course, saving you $100 — details here:

Or perhaps you’d like to have your Facebook activity audited and analysed for you, to determine:

  • what you’re doing wrong
  • what you’re doing right
  • what the most successful competitors in your category are doing; and
  • which Facebook strategies you should adopt for future posts

If that sounds appealing, we invite you to check out our new Facebook Audit & Analysis programme.



We should warn you upfront that we can accept no more than eleven clients at this time, based on the time and effort required to conduct each Audit, and because we have a very special introductory pricing offer (see below) — we’d go broke if we took on too many clients at these prices.

Also, please note that client audits will be processed in order of receipt so if you are interested, the sooner you sign up, the better.

With that caveat out of the way, let’s explore the new Facebook Audit & Analysis programme.

Here’s what the programme covers:


We will conduct an audit of your Facebook activities over the last six to twelve months, including:

  • how your Facebook activities stack up against your marketing objectives
  • how your Facebook activities match up against your target audience
  • analysis of your Facebook post creative content
  • analysis of your Facebook post formats
  • analysis of your Facebook post sizes & durations
  • analysis of your Facebook post timings
  • analysis of your Facebook post frequency
  • analysis of customer interaction and engagement
  • review of the look and feel of your Facebook page, on desktop and mobile

NB To conduct the audit we will require administrator access to your Facebook page, along with details of your marketing objectives and your target audience.



We will also conduct a competitive evaluation of the Facebook performance of other marketers in your category, drawing on our database of more than 150,000 Facebook pages from New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

We will be benchmarking the overall performance of pages in your category, and determining how your own page stacks up in comparison.

For example, in the Real Estate category, from our sample of 2320 NZ real estate pages we have established that the average NZ page has 372 likes, but with just 4.49 people talking about a typical page (1.21% engagement).

In comparison, across 2270 Australian real estate pages, the average is 1202 likes, with 7 people talking (0.58% engagement).

We then report on the Top 20 Facebook pages in your category in each of the five markets, in terms of (a) Total Likes; (b) Numbers of People Talking About The Pages; and (c) Most Engaged Pages.



Once we’ve crunched all the numbers, we drill down even further. We review the most effective posts by the most engaged organisations in your product category and identify:

  • the strategies they’ve used
  • how successful they’ve been in encouraging engagement
  • ideas that you can steal and adopt for your own activity

For example (sticking with our real estate category), we’ve uncovered:

  • killer wording that almost forces prospects to like and engage with your page
  • a strategy that turns a dollar donation into a compelling engagement tool
  • a tactic that you simply must not use — because you’re attracting totally unqualified leads
  • a truly delightful content strategy that really pays off and proves the power of words
  • a low-cost but dramatically effective way to use Facebook video



As well as the Insights gleaned by examining the top performers in your category, we’ll also report on the 16 most effective viral strategies we recommend for Facebook marketing, and suggest ways that you can take advantage of each relevant strategy.

We will also recommend the type of content on which you should focus most of your attention – content that best represents a combination of your expertise and relevant visitor interests.

For example, STORY-TELLING is an extremely powerful viral strategy, and one that Australian real estate agency Earnshaws uses to bring to life what might otherwise be pedestrian property listings.



As you can imagine, this whole Audit & Analysis process requires a lot of individual effort and attention, and draws on our extensive knowledge of, and experience with, social media marketing.

Up until now, we have conducted such analyses as part of a comprehensive marketing audit for which we charge several thousand dollars.

For the Facebook Audit & Analysis programme as a standalone service, we could easily charge $1500 or more, and that would be a fair return on the effort involved.

Still, since this is a new project for us, we’re looking for some social proof in the form of very satisfied customers. So we’ve decided to offer our Facebook Audit & Analysis programme at a very enticing $999+GST — though only for the first eleven customers to take us up on our offer.



(We always wanted to say that!)

We’re going to slice even more off that pricetag, but only for the first five clients.

If that’s you, you can sign up for our Facebook Audit & Analysis programme, for just NZ$699+GST.

Yes, that’s a further $300 savings. And yes, this is a classic direct marketing strategy — deep discount, limited availability — and it’s a “classic” because it works and keeps on working. In this instance, the strategy means an awesome deal for you.

To sign up for our Facebook Audit & Analysis programme, just click here:

You’ll be taken to our PayPal payment page, where you’ll be asked to provide your name and email details and to pay for the programme.

If you’re one of the first five to sign up, the PayPal payment page will show a rate of NZ$699+GST. If you’re too late, the rate will automatically switch to NZ$999+GST — not as good a deal as the early birds got, but still great value for money. Once we have our eleven, alas, you’ll be redirected to a waiting list instead.

If you would prefer to pay by bank deposit, or require an invoice, please send an email to [email protected] with your requirements.



You’ll receive our emailed confirmation of your booking (normally fairly quickly, but please do allow up to 12 hours for us to get back to you). Then we’ll be in touch to request Administrator Access to your Facebook page and to provide you with some questions regarding your Marketing Objectives and your Target Audience.



We won’t just complete the Facebook Audit & Analysis and then leave you to your own devices. We do have several follow-up programmes that we will discuss with you as part of our recommendations, including ongoing monthly category monitor & social media content provision.



Want to take advantage of our Facebook Audit & Analysis programme to make your social media activity more effective? Then sign up today — be one of the first five to take action and grab this valuable service at an awesome bargain price!