Frequently Asked Questions About Our Social Media Training Courses

Q. How long are the courses?

A. We typically recommend that you allow an average of two hours per lesson — less in the earlier stages of a course, more in the latter stages.

Q. How much time do I have to complete the courses?

A. Most of our courses are either four-week, seven-week or ten-week courses. That doesn’t mean that you have only that period of time to complete your course, however — you complete the course at your own pace, and many of our students opt for a more leisurely completion time.

When we say that a course is a four-week course, it simply means that the course is divided into four lessons, and we release those lessons over a four week period (similarly with our longer courses, we send you information on a weekly basis for the official duration of the course).

Q. I have received my final Lesson Notes from you but have not finished the course yet. Am I still able to access it online?

Our courses remain online on an ongoing basis, for students to access at their own pace. We will notify you in plenty of time if a course is about to expire.

Q. Do I have to take the course in a single session or can I go through it again if I get interrupted?

Yes, you can view the lessons up to ten times without any problem (and we can reset it beyond that if necessary). If you don’t complete a full lesson in one sitting, you will have to go back to the start of that lesson when you go through it again. However we usually split long lessons into separate parts so that you can more easily take them at your own pace and revisit them as required.