Customer Feedback

Here’s a sampling of the feedback we’ve received from those who’ve taken our courses:

  • Really enjoyed the [How To Use TripAdvisor] course, great material and will be a great resource to refer to and great to have a better understanding of how TripAdvisor works. We got a phone call about signing up for a business listing, so now we can make an informed and analytical decision about whether to do this or not. Again, many thanks, its a great course and amazing depth and content. – Sharon R, accommodation operator
  • Thanks for an informative and interesting [Facebook Accelerator] course. Your presentation held a good balance of theoretical and practical information and was clear and simple enough for a non IT Facebook novice like me to follow. There are many ideas that I have gained that I will attempt to incorporate in the overall marketing plan my team is currently developing for our brand. Facebook can offer so much more than I thought as a medium for communicating with our current and prospective customers. Julie D
  • I found this course fantastic, i started off knowing very little about facebook (just how to run my own personal page) to now having a thorough understanding of ALL the things you can (and there is a lot). The course format was great and allowed knowledge to be built up over time. Course length was great and this will definetly be something i come back to constantly as we develop our facebook pages more within my company. Aleisha H
  • A great course with some take away actions for me. Just need to find the time to do it all. Juliet Y
  • The [Social Media Marketing course] study materials have been excellent and I’ve enjoyed the video clips – certainly makes learning more exciting than reading straight from a text book! I’d rate the course as interesting and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get a better understanding of social media Many thanks Deborah A
  • I have really enjoyed the course and the way it was structured. It was informative and interesting – liked the way you incorporated slide-shows, video, statistics and different forms of media to provide information. Lisa C
  • I found this course really useful in terms of starting to construct our organisations’ Social Media Strategy. I thought I already knew a few things about social media from my own personal interactions but this course really opened my eyes to how much there actually is to know! I would recommend the course to anyone starting out with writing a social media plan. Anna B
  • I have recently completed the ‘How to Prepare an Effective Social Media Brief’ eCourse. This has been incredibly helpful as we are currently in the process of setting up our social media profile. It has been great to be able to complete the course in my own time, around my other work commitments. Jayne M

2 thoughts on “Customer Feedback

  1. Charlotte Lee


    I was just reading your blog article in March about top NZ Pinterest sites. Just thought I would alert you to

    This is my twin sisters Pinterest account for the Antique business ‘European Antiques & Furnishings’ in Grey Lynn Auckland. We are just about to hit the 21,000 follower mark and have one community board of 40,000 pins that grows by at least 1000 pins a week. Take a peek at this board ‘Antique with Modern.’

    It has been a great account to develop and does show NZ’ers the potential of

    All the very best
    Charlotte Lee

  2. Michael Carney Post author

    Thanks, Charlotte, definitely excellent Pinterest numbers there. Congrats to your sister!

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