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LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Are you failing on LinkedIn?

Are you failing on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a massively powerful social media business network — but far too many people are failing on LinkedIn because their profiles aren’t good enough.

So why should you have an effective LinkedIn profile?

If you are looking for a job (or might consider an offer):
Are you being approached by potential employers or their representatives through LinkedIn? Are they checking you out and then deciding not to go any further?

If you are hoping to attract leads or prospects:
Are you being approached with business queries via LinkedIn?

Or are you being turned down by prospects when you request a meeting?
If they don’t already know you, 40% of those you approach will check you out on LinkedIn before agreeing to a meeting.

If your LinkedIn profile doesn’t do a great job of promoting you, your skills, experience and expertise, then you are definitely missing out on the opportunities that you could otherwise have through the world’s largest business social network.

Social Media Fuze offers up a number of benefits associated with effective LinkedIn profiles:

Show people who you are, where you’ve come from– This is the equivalent to your online resume and it’s perfect for showing off your experience.

Let others recommend and endorse you for your skills and past work– Get some social proof for your skills and talents. When others recommend or endorse you, anyone who sees your profile can see these and it shows you have other experts backing up your claims to have certain skills. This is very powerful in making connections.

Show off projects, pieces of work you’ve completed– It’s much easier to get people to contact you if you have displays of your work. Add links, images, and other documents to show what work you’ve completed, if it applies.

Get traffic to your website– When people like what they see on your profile they will look at your links and visit your website.

Why You Need Linkedin Even If You Don’t Think You Do

Relationships– I’ve worked with several one-man-show small businesses who would benefit from building relationships on Linkedin.

For instance, a counselor could join a group for counselors in the United States, get advice from them about marketing, techniques, and associations to join.

Another group would be great to get information about writing a better blog posts – think Bloggers Groups

And still a local group would help with building connections with local professionals who you could easily set up referrals with.

It’s Who You Know, Not Always What You Know– A major rule of business revolves around who you know. The additional benefit with Linkedin is that you can see who the people you are connected with know.

I can see if you are connected to someone who has a job opening, or a company I would like to offer a service contract to. When you find someone you want to connect with, you can ask the middle man (your shared connection) to introduce you.

Stay In The Loop– With the new Linkedin Experts you’ll be able to follow known experts about the topics that mean the most to your business. Think of the experts in your industry, and instead of having them send you emails, you can login and see their updates in your stream- very useful and not necessary to check everyday.

Get Found– People who use Linkedin use it A LOT. They use it to search for people in every industry that can help them personally and professionally. If you want to be found for these reasons, make sure your profile is found, filled out completely and competitive for your industry.

Linkedin for Everyone Who Does Something Professionally

If you have a job, plan to have a career, or want to someday do a task professionally, Linkedin is a great place to begin making connections that can and WILL be beneficial. It isn’t just for finding jobs, it’s for growing your business relationships.


We can help, by harnessing our many years of digital and traditional marketing expertise to give your Profile a sizzling customized revamp.

In the process, we’ll:

  • turn your Profile headline into search-friendly keywords that will sell your potential
  • recommend a photograph that showcases you at your most professional
  • review and rewrite your resume to highlight your career and its achievements
  • shine a light on your most desirable skills and experience
  • provide you with the tools to attract meaningful recommendations and endorsements from past & present clients and colleagues

As you might imagine, we can only take on a few individual clients, to ensure that we can give them our full attention.

We are currently offering to make over LinkedIn profiles — but only for a limited number of individuals.


We aim to makeover your LinkedIn Profile to achieve these key results:

  • To help you be found by prospective employers or clients on Google and in the LinkedIn search engine
  • To highlight your past achievements that represent tangible benefits to prospective employers or clients
  • To give confidence to those prospects that you have the right experience and expertise


An effective LinkedIn Profile can generate lucrative business worth many thousands of dollars — or help you score a new job. What would that be worth to you?

A strong LinkedIn profile will make you stand out and can lead to jobs, contracts, projects, speaking engagements, and new customer and prospect relationships.

LinkedIn provides a terrific opportunity to build your personal brand online, reinforcing what people already think of you professionally and revealing it to an expanded network.

Given the amount of time and effort we put into this Profile Makeover service, we should charge at least $997+GST for each Profile Makeover — that would be a small price to pay for such a service, to help ensure that your personal brand is the best it can be.

For a limited time, we’ve decided to offer our LinkedIn Profile Makeover service for just $597 + GST. Profiles will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t miss out.

To reserve your LinkedIn Profile Makeover, please pay by credit card through PayPal by clicking here:

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If you would prefer to pay by bank deposit, or require an invoice, please send an email to [email protected] with your requirements.

Once we receive and process your order, we’ll be in touch to begin the makeover process.
The LinkedIn Profile Makeover process is offered by Netmarketing Services Limited. We’ve been training businesses in LinkedIn and other social media networks since 2010. Check out our comprehensive LinkedIn training course here.