Executive Briefing Course: Facebook & Instagram

This video-based course is intended to provide a high-level overview of social media (and of Facebook and Instagram in particular), for time-poor executives who need to understand the possibilities (and the pitfalls) of the medium, without getting lost in the detail.

Social media has become more and more important for New Zealand businesses, for a number of reasons:

  • Social Media is the place where most Kiwis spend a large amount of time online, more than an hour and a half a day
  • Two out of three Kiwi Internet users visit social network sites every day
  • Kiwis use Social Media for purchase recommendations. 85% of buying decisions are made by researching the web for recommendations and information. 92% of Kiwis trust recommendations from their peers. (Localist)
  • They’re very frequent visitors. 24% of Kiwis use their 4G smartphone or tablet to check social media apps at least 20 times a day (Vodafone 4G Network Report)
  • Mastering social media can lead to more effective business development too. 92% of business people say that networking is a key part of professional development and business success, but only 8% of respondents chose social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as their preferred method of networking. (The Icehouse survey)
  • If you’re not active in their favourite forum, will prospects think of you when they consider making a purchase in your category?
  • Through social sites, Kiwis talk about what they want to buy and they often ask their friends for recommendations. Are you listening? Are you contributing?

People share stuff on social media with their friends — the good, the bad and the ugly. If you’re being talked about and you don’t know what is being said about you and your products & services (and customer service successes and failures) in social media, you won’t have a chance to respond and fix any problems before they go toxic.

In other words, social media is now an essential business tool. Are you represented effectively there?

Executive Briefing Course: Facebook & Instagram

The course, provided online over five weeks, looks specifically at the two social networks of most importance to New Zealand marketers: Facebook and Instagram.

Here is what the course covers:

Lesson One: Introduction

In the first lesson, we explore the basics of social media, including:

  • Why Social Media matters in today’s commercial environment
  • The Social Media networks of most importance in New Zealand (notably, as we’ve already mentioned, Facebook and Instagram)
  • The five most common Social Media Objectives
  • A detailed look at who uses Facebook in NZ
  • Features & Benefits of Facebook
  • A detailed look at who uses Instagram in NZ
  • Features & Benefits of Instagram

Lesson Two: How to use Facebook and Instagram Effectively

In the second lesson, we examine specific usage opportunities with both Facebook and Instagram, including:

  • Do’s and don’ts for each channel.
  • Understanding your target customers
  • Defining your brand voice
  • Creative Options
  • Common mistakes
  • Best practice examples
  • How often you should post to each medium

Lesson Three: Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

In the third lesson, we discuss paid advertising on the two social networks, covering:

  • What sorts of posts should you promote?
  • How much should you spend?
  • The secrets of effective ad campaign objectives
  • The key differences between Google Adwords and Facebook & Instagram Ads and why they matter to you
  • The limitations faced by New Zealand advertisers compared with our foreign counterparts
  • How you can reach out to your own customers and prospects through Custom Audiences
  • The 10 most important factors that consumers look for when deciding whether or not to buy from you
  • How to use remarketing to truly customise your Ads
  • How to promote posts (and some of the pitfalls to avoid)

Lesson Four: Analytics and Measurement

Time to turn to the numbers. No, we won’t confuse you with too much detail, but effective promotion on Facebook and Instagram requires at least a broad understanding of the numbers behind the scenes. In the process we will look at:

  • Geo-targeting and audience building
  • Learning from competitors
  • How to measure and interpret results

Recommended tracking, including:

  • who saw your Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • who clicked on those ads
  • the percentage who then took the desired action
  • the comparative Costs Per Click and Costs Per Conversion (and how to evaluate the effectiveness of your ads as a result)
  • the Lifetime Value of your Facebook-generated customers

Lesson Five: Tips, Techniques and Tools

Finally, we cover some of the key tips and techniques that you need to know about to make the most effective use of Facebook and Instagram. Topics that we review include:

  • Developing a content calendar
  • Planning your social media program and allocating responsibilities
  • Social media management tools you should consider
  • What you need to know about relevant NZ Privacy & Regulation legislation
  • The surprising implications for NZ businesses of Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation

Any business executive who is considering using Instagram or Facebook (or probably both) to promote their products/services.

This course is one of many courses offered by NZ online training provider Netmarketing Courses. The organisation’s principal, Michael Carney, is a long-time marketer who has been passionate about digital marketing for more than thirty years. Netmarketing Courses was set up in 2010 to offer online marketing courses to businesses across New Zealand. Across the years we’ve partnered with a number of organisations, including the NZ Marketing Association, the Tourism Industry Association, the NZ Retailers’ Association and Hospitality New Zealand, to offer our courses to their members.


Q. How long are the courses?
A. We typically recommend that you allow an average of an hour or two per lesson — less in the earlier stages of a course, more in the latter stages.

Q. How much time do I have to complete the courses?
A. This course is officially a five-week course. That doesn’t mean that you have only that period of time to complete your course, however — you complete the course at your own pace, and many of our students opt for a more leisurely completion time.

Q. Do I have to take the course at a particular time?
A. No, our courses are not live – they’re designed for you to take at your own pace, anytime 24/7 – so when you actually take the course is entirely up to you.


The next course begins on Monday 05 August, 2024.


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