NZ Posts That Have Gone Viral on Facebook in 2018


You’ve no doubt seen the gloom and doom stories about Facebook in recent times, and how New Zealand marketers can no longer expect to get noticed without paying for Facebook ads.

Whilst that’s a fair summation of the current state of Facebook in 2018, there are still exceptions — posts that do get shared, because they excite, inspire or touch the hearts of Kiwi consumers.

Here, from our database of more than 23,000 NZ Facebook pages, are some of the recent posts that we’ve come across that performed far better than the average.

Firstly, from Waikato Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED), lurking within the usual public service announcements, a picture and accompanying story that will make you go “awwww” (and like the post 5,200 times and share it 618 times):


Nicely done, Waikato.

Next, from the Porirua Chamber of Commerce, a story that’s achieved surprising traction (273 likes, 61 shares) considering that the chamber only has 1,122 followers:


We also couldn’t resist sharing the post from an unlikely source, Ese Tatupu Funeral Directors &  Mortuary Embalmers, which attracted attention well beyond its core constituency when it shared the Tagata Pasifika story of its female Funeral Director:


And then there was Southland Honda, which caught the imagination of hundreds of its followers with an almost-unbelievable picture from long ago:


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