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Latest NZ Social Media Statistics

If there was any doubt about the spread of social media in New Zealand, the release by Statistics New Zealand of the findings of the 2012 Household Use of Information and Communication Technology study should quickly put to any concerns to rest.


Two out of every three of the 2.8 million New Zealanders Over 15 who went online between December 2011 and September 2012 accessed social networks, according to the report. Think of that result as cumulative social media reach.


These numbers will come as no surprise to those who have been following social media regularly, but consider them official confirmation.

If you’re wondering exactly which social networks were worthy of Kiwi attention in 2012, Nielsen Online Ratings data from December 2012 can answer that question:


Not much of a race. Since it slipped past Bebo and took over as the Number 1 New Zealand Social Media destination in April 2009, Facebook has gone from strength to strength in this country (as, indeed, it has elsewhere on the planet).

Younger users may gripe that the site is no longer cool (now their parents and grandparents are on Facebook), but so far there are no meaningful alternatives. For now, at least, long live the king!

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For other data from the Statistics New Zealand survey (specifically, the latest NZ ecommerce statistics, with details of how many Kiwis are now shopping online), please refer to the article on our resource site.


Looking Back at Social Media 2012

Here's a quick and interesting review of Social Media in 2012:

As you'll see in the end credits, the video was made by Funky Marketing (nice work, team).
The overriding message from this video: social media is now part of most everything we do, from TV to Politics to Education to Business to …

Audi Engages Effectively With Its Social Media Followers


Success in social media is not just about how many followers a brand has — it's about Engagement with those fans.

And measured that way, argues the social-marketing company Socialbakers, in a study reported on BrandChannel, some brands rise surprisingly to the top. They include Audi, the German luxury-car marque that blew away nine other major brands selected by Socialbakers in a comparison of social-engagement rates. The also-rans included not only Audi rival Mercedes-Benz — which did finish second among the 10 — but also BMW, Taco Bell, Disney, McDonald's, Samsung Mobile USA, Walt Disney World, Skol and Starbucks Frappucino.

Audi has two million fewer fans than Mercedes-Benz, Socialbakers said, but generated 15 percent more interaction in June: 700,000 social shares, likes and other actions.

Are your followers talking about you, interacting and engaging with you — or just 'liking' you and then moving on?