Learn Social Media Marketing

More and more Kiwis are deciding that they need to learn Social Media Marketing skills, tools and techniques.

There’s a simple reason why Social Media Marketing is growing in importance: 3.6 million New Zealanders use one or more of the social media platforms.

If you want to reach 72% of the NZ population, social media is where you need to be.

So how exactly can you learn what you need to know about Social Media Marketing?

In broad terms, there are three primary options that people choose.

The first is the good old Kiwi DIY approach. Simply do your own homework online and teach yourself: search for information on, for example, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Pinterest marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Snapchat marketing, TikTok marketing, YouTube marketing, Twitter marketing … Well, you get the idea. All the information is definitely out there, but it’s not exactly sorted, it’s usually not specific to New Zealand needs and (because you don’t know what you don’t know) you can often struggle to figure out where to start.

The second option is to look for a local course. If you are based in a main centre (e.g. Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch or Dunedin), you’ll typically find a number of courses scheduled during the year, ranging from courses for beginners to those on more advanced social media marketing topics. Those can be great, provided that the course timing suits you (and the topic is relevant to your current needs).

Or you could opt for an online training course (which, full disclosure, is what we offer). It’s best if it’s a New-Zealand-based course (so that you can learn which social networks are most important and useful in NZ) and so that you can see relevant New Zealand data.

Here are some of the things that our students particularly like about our online training courses:

  • you can access the courses 24/7, in accordance with your own timetable
  • you can take the course at your own pace — once you have access to a course, you can go through the lessons as quickly or in as leisurely a fashion as you wish
  • if you have any queries, you can simply email the course tutor

It’s also essential that the content of any course about Social Media Marketing places equal emphasis on “social media” and “marketing” — it’s one thing to understand the technology but you also need to get a solid grasp on how and why people respond to marketing messages, and what type of content will really resonate with your prospective customers.

(Our course creator, Michael Carney, brings a unique perspective to our social media marketing courses: he has been serving in advertising and marketing roles for more than 40 years and has also been involved in digital marketing for more than 25 years.)

If you are interested in learning more about our online training courses, see below for a list of courses and follow the links for more details.


Social Media Marketing

If you wish to learn about the full range of Social Media marketing options available to Kiwi businesses, check out our flagship Social Media Marketing course:

The Principles & Practice of Social Media Marketing

This is a thirteen-part eCourse providing a comprehensive introduction to Social Media Marketing, from the Basics to detailed instructions on how to build and run a Social Media Marketing programme.

For more details of the Social Media Marketing online course, please click here.

Mastering Facebook and Instagram Marketing

By far the most powerful social media channels for NZ marketers these days are Facebook and Instagram.

This is a 13-part course which covers what you need to know to maximise your presence on New Zealand’s most popular social networks, Facebook and Instagram.

For full details of the Mastering Facebook and Instagram course, please click here.

Facebook Accelerator Programme

So you have a few hundred (or a few thousand) followers on Facebook but now you want to know how to get to the next level? Our Facebook Accelerator seven-part online course will lead you through the steps necessary to supercharge your Facebook presence and get Kiwi consumers engaging with you and your brands.

For more details of the Facebook Accelerator programme, please click here.

The Complete Facebook Marketing Course
Complete Facebook Marketing course

For those who wish to master Facebook Marketing in its entirety, we’ve created a ten-week online training programme which will take you from absolute beginner on Facebook to highly effective Facebook communicator.

For more details of the Complete Facebook Marketing programme, please click here.

Mastering Facebook Advertising


This is a nine-part eCourse providing a comprehensive introduction to paid Facebook Advertising.

For more details of the Mastering Facebook Ads online training course, please click here.

Instagram Marketing course


If your target audience is Under 35, Instagram absolutely must be one of your marketing options. This course will give you a solid introduction to this fast-growing social medium.

How to Prepare an Effective Social Media Brief
Preparing an Effective Social Media Marketing Brief

Even if you don’t intend to become directly involved in social media yourself, you may still need to understand the principles, practices and opportunities of social media — for example, if you need to brief someone about running a social media campaign. This programme is designed to provide you with the insights necessary to prepare an effective brief.

For more details of the How to Prepare an Effective Social Media Brief programme, please click here.

We do offer other courses (you can see them listed under “Online Courses” on the main menu) but the courses listed above are focussed on Social Media Marketing.


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