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Pinterest: Design and Demographics

If your product looks good, showcase it on Pinterest.


This latest social media phenomenon — attracting the usual hype such as “fastest growing social network”, yada yada yada — is turning into a glorious scrapbook of the best-looking images on the web.

As a result, marketers such as Volvo are using the site to highlight design credentials:

When most consumers think Volvo, they think safety. But Volvo Cars of North America also wants them to think design and aesthetics. Consequently, the automaker has revved up its social marketing, inviting Pinterest users to plan and share their ideal “joyride” by re-pinning their favorite images of the Volvo S60 T5, along with comments on where they’d like to go on a road trip, where they’d stop along the way, what they’d wear during their trip, and what music would enliven their travels.

“We’re rebranding ourselves in a new light through design,” says Volvo’s Social Media Manager Joe Barbagallo, adding that Pinterest‘s customer interaction, ability to share ideas through images, design-focused audience, and speedy online growth made the site an ideal place to host its Volvo Joyride Contest. Volvo kicked off the contest with 155 Pinterest followers and accumulated approximately 500 in less than a week.


“Pinterest being focused around photos and being driven by consumers is really what attracted us to establish a presence on Pinterest,” Barbagallo says. “[The Pinterest user is] somebody who is extremely creative. I would also say extremely organized, [and] I think they do have singular focus. It’s very design-oriented, and those are some of the attributes that we’re going after as an automotive brand.” The automaker created a promotional video for the Joyride contest, starring lifestyle and design blogger Victoria Smith, to emphasize the company’s design-oriented direction.

If your product looks good enough (and appeals mostly to females — see the infographic), check out Pinterest for yourself.


Audi Engages Effectively With Its Social Media Followers


Success in social media is not just about how many followers a brand has — it's about Engagement with those fans.

And measured that way, argues the social-marketing company Socialbakers, in a study reported on BrandChannel, some brands rise surprisingly to the top. They include Audi, the German luxury-car marque that blew away nine other major brands selected by Socialbakers in a comparison of social-engagement rates. The also-rans included not only Audi rival Mercedes-Benz — which did finish second among the 10 — but also BMW, Taco Bell, Disney, McDonald's, Samsung Mobile USA, Walt Disney World, Skol and Starbucks Frappucino.

Audi has two million fewer fans than Mercedes-Benz, Socialbakers said, but generated 15 percent more interaction in June: 700,000 social shares, likes and other actions.

Are your followers talking about you, interacting and engaging with you — or just 'liking' you and then moving on?