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Google+: Because one size doesn’t fit all

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the last thing we need is yet another social networking diversion. Sheesh — Facebook has more than 750 million users, isn’t that enough already?

Actually, despite Facebook’s seemingly unassailable head start Google’s newest social foray, Google+, is worth considering.

It comes from the ‘Plex, of course, so that suggests it might be worth a look … but there’s more to Google+ than just its provenance. Check out this little slideshow first, and then we’ll be right back.

Even without an overarching commentary, you should get the general idea: we all have different groupings of friends, and don’t necessarily want to share the same information with more than one subgroup.

It is currently possible to segment your Facebook friends into different groups, and share your stuff with only designated groups — but it’s neither easy nor convenient. Google+ comes with that functionality built-in, in the form of what Google calls circles.

That’s the first and most important concept contained within Google+. We’ll discuss others in due course.

Google+ is currently available only by invitation. Head here to get yourself on the invite list.