Upskill Yourself in Digital Marketing in 2023

Digital Marketing continues to grow strongly and remains New Zealand’s most dominant medium. It’s time to upskill yourself.

Digital advertising expenditure now accounts for more than half of all adspend in New Zealand.

NZ Advertising Expenditure 2012-2021 ($Millions)

So how confident do you feel about your Digital Marketing expertise?

To help you on your way, allow us to point you towards our range of courses that offer continuing professional development in various aspects of digital marketing.

Upskill Yourself in Digital Marketing for 2023 with our online training courses.

All our courses are developed specifically for New Zealand conditions and are freshly updated for 2023.

Here are the current courses (click on the links for more details about each course):


Certificate in Digital Marketing

This comprehensive Digital Marketing course is designed for marketers at any level (from junior to senior) who want to acquire comprehensive training in all aspects of Digital Marketing based on the latest technologies.

This online course draws on the latest developments in Digital Marketing, covering key competencies and new and emerging technologies.

For more details of the Certificate in Digital Marketing online course, please click here.

Digital Marketing 101


Digital Marketing 101 is a 26-part online training course designed for students who may know very little about Digital Marketing, touching on a wide range of Digital Marketing topics over a six-month period.

For more information about Digital Marketing 101, please click here.



The Principles & Practice of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing course


For those new to Social Media Marketing: this is a thirteen-part eCourse providing a comprehensive introduction to Social Media Marketing, from the Basics to detailed instructions on how to build and run a Social Media Marketing programme.

For more details of the Social Media Marketing online course, please click here.

We also have a combined course that will help you master both of New Zealand’s most powerful social media:

Complete Facebook and Instagram Marketing course

By far the most powerful social media channels for NZ marketers these days are Facebook and Instagram.

That’s where the audiences are, and that’s where YOU need to be.

  • Through Facebook you can reach an estimated 3.1 million Kiwis 13+
  • Through Instagram you can reach an estimated 1.95 million Kiwis 13+

Of course, there’s rather more to Facebook and Instagram marketing than making a few posts or taking a few pretty pictures and hoping to reach large numbers of your target audience.

Effective social media marketing requires the right knowledge, tools, tips and techniques to help you get noticed and to encourage your audience to engage with you and your brand.

That’s where we can help.

In recognition of the combined strengths of Facebook and Instagram, we’ve taken the best of our popular Facebook and Instagram courses, and blended them together into a powerful thirteen-part Complete Facebook and Instagram Marketing online training course.

This combined course will bring you up to speed with what’s required to make your social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram really work for you in 2023.

Check out the details of our Complete Facebook and Instagram Marketing online training course by clicking here.

If you want to focus just on Paid Advertising on Instagram and Facebook — a wise idea, given that both networks are restricting organic (unpaid) reach — we have a ten-part course covering exactly that:

What can you do to improve your Facebook & Instagram Advertising activities?

Learn what works, and what doesn’t, through our online training course.

In this ten-part online training course, we will take you step-by-step through what you need to know to understand and master advertising on Facebook & Instagram.

For full Course Details, click here:
Mastering Advertising on Facebook & Instagram

How to Prepare an Effective Social Media Brief

Preparing an Effective Social Media Brief

Even if you don’t intend to become directly involved in social media yourself, you may still need to understand the principles, practices and opportunities of social media — for example, if you need to brief someone about running a social media campaign. This programme is designed to provide you with the insights necessary to prepare an effective brief.

For more details of the How to Prepare an Effective Social Media Brief programme, please click here.

Writing for the Web course


Effective writing has become an absolutely core competency when communicating online. Not just any writing, however. Different media require different approaches. The headline that might have looked wonderful in the newspaper probably won’t fit within the constraints of Facebook or Instagram character counts.

Our Writing for the Web course covers the key elements you need to know to communicate effectively to online audiences.

For more information about our Writing for the Web course, please click here.

Online Video Marketing course

Online Video is now New Zealand’s most popular broadcast medium, with YouTube alone reaching more than half the country on a daily basis (according to research by NZ On Air).

And online video is a powerful way to communicate your brand story, explain your value proposition, and build relationships with your customers and prospects.

Remember the old cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words? According to an estimate by Dr James McQuivey of Forrester Research, one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words.

So let’s cut to the chase. It’s well past time for you to upskill yourself in online video marketing. That’s why we’re launching our newest short course on the topic.

For more details of the Online Video Marketing course, please click here.

Influencer Marketing course


Our Influencer Marketing online training course is a nine-part course which covers the importance of Influencer Marketing, helps you to determine the smartest and most effective strategies — and to explore how to identify effective Kiwi micro-influencers who will be good ambassadors for your brand.

For more information about our Influencer Marketing course, please click here.

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