5 Reasons Why You Need to Master Social Media Marketing for 2020

Social media is now widespread in its adoption and usage. If you’ve been hesitant to dip your toes into social waters, now is the time to prepare for the plunge. Social media is here and it’s not going away anytime soon.

We’ve seen more and more New Zealand businesses want to learn more about marketing through social channels.


Here are five of the most common and compelling reasons:

1 Your Customers are on Social Media

According to Nielsen Online research, 88% of Kiwis now use social media, with 3.8 million regular monthly users.

And they’re not just occasional visitors, either. The biannual World Internet Project NZ data reveals that two-thirds of us (in this instance, “us” means Kiwi Internet users) visit Social Media networks at least daily.

And yeah, we’ve been known to spend quite a little bit of time pottering on Facebook et al.

2 Your Competitors are Hard at Work in Social Media

As you might expect, wherever there are people, there are companies trying to sell to them. According to Brandwatch, there are over 60 million active Facebook business pages around the world. In New Zealand, we track more than 20,000 local business pages. That’s an awful lot of competition for your customers’ eyeballs. Is your business represented there?

3 There’s Money to be Made

Localist research tells us that Kiwis use Social Media for purchase recommendations. 85% of buying decisions are made by researching the web for recommendations and information.

Research by SUMO Heavy indicates that more than half of global consumers say that social media influences their purchasing decisions. The most important social media channels to drive buying behaviour are Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


4 Social Media is Important for Your Brand

Social media is now considered more important than traditional print advertising in [industries such as] the food and beverage industry, according to the Grant Thornton International Food and Beverage report.

And, according to recent research cited by Lyfe Marketing, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) believe that social efforts drive a measurable impact on important marketing KPIs such as sales, brand loyalty and brand awareness.


5 Social Media Marketing is Highly Measurable

There is a wealth of data available to determine exactly who you are reaching, and who is interacting and engaging with you, especially through Facebook and Instagram. In traditional media, you can see the performance of the medium but there are limitations to the information you can gather about your own activity. In social media, you can track both exposure and engagement for your own page and for your advertising activity.

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