Digital Now More Than Half of NZ Adspend

New Zealand digital advertising expenditure hit a milestone in 2020, accounting for 53% of total annual adspend, according to our (adjusted) interpretation of NZ Advertising Industry Annual Turnover figures as compiled by the Advertising Standards Authority.


2020 was not a great year for advertising, for obvious reasons, and total New Zealand advertising industry expenditure dipped by at least 7.1%, according to our estimates, shedding $198 million. Total revenue for the year: $2.56 billion.

Note the qualifier “according to our estimates”. Annual figures compiled by the NZ Advertising Standards Authority for 2020 specifically exclude any calculations for magazine advertising. According to the ASA, the Magazine Publishers Association did not contribute to the 2020 Advertising Turnover Report as the “degree of change in the sector last year makes meaningful data collection impossible”.

Amongst the factors contributing to the omission of magazine data: a Covid-19 lockdown publishing ban meant many titles missed one or more issues; and there was a complete restructure of the industry with the closure of Bauer Media and the emergence of a host of new independent publishers and publications.

Such caution is understandable. However, for our purposes we have chosen to include our own estimates for magazine advertising in 2020, based on a 36% drop in estimated revenues. That represents our view of the likely impact on total revenues as a result of the loss of months of income from the likes of NZ Woman’s Weekly, Woman’s Day, NZ Listener and the many other titles formerly published by Bauer Media.

Even if magazine advertising expenditure had remained at the same levels as 2019, however, the overall result for digital would be the same: digital adspend now represents more than half the total expenditure in New Zealand. It’s a trend that’s long been in the making, even if it did require a pandemic to reach the tipping point.

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