How to reach prospective clients more effectively

Your prospective clients are doing their own homework, browsing online and making buying decisions long before you can even make your pitch.

85% of B2B buyers now conduct their own research BEFORE they make any contact with potential suppliers.

What sorts of research? Prospects gather information about your product or service category, read white papers, watch slide presentations and videos, read reviews and gather referrals. All the while, they’re deciding exactly what product or service they need – and, through their research, determining exactly who should be on their shortlist.

By the time you even know that they were in the market, it’s too late.

But what if you could position yourself early in the decision-making process? What if you could become an integral component of your prospects’ research?

What if you could become perceived as the authority in your business category, thanks to your participation in a comprehensive marketing resource that tells prospects what they need to know in order to make informed decisions in your niche?

We’ve created the NEW ZEALAND MARKETING YEARBOOK, a sponsored Thought Leadership project for those who provide marketing services to Kiwi businesses – and we invite you to join us.

It’s an opportunity to claim (or reinforce) your position as a thought-leader in your category (and get seen by prospects for your products and services as they conduct their research).

The project is entitled NEW ZEALAND MARKETING YEARBOOK 2021.

It’s a look ahead at the possibilities and opportunities for marketing in 2021, to be published in February 2021, and we’re currently inviting NZ’s leading marketing service providers to join us in this sponsored thought leadership project.


As the title suggests, the NZ Marketing Yearbook 2021 is a new initiative that takes a look ahead at the opportunities and possibilities for Kiwi marketers in 2021.

This initiative starts with the Yearbook, but then becomes part of our ongoing Marketing Innovators thought leadership programme, across newsletters, articles, social media, press releases, blog posts, videos and slideshows.

This is a content marketing project with sponsored contributions featuring many of New Zealand’s leading marketing service providers, and we invite YOU to join us.

The first element, the Marketing Yearbook itself, will be published in February 2021 and will be distributed free of charge in electronic form to a wide range of New Zealand marketing decision-makers, from small, medium and large organisations. The book will also be available to purchase in printed form a short time later. (Sponsors may opt to purchase printed copies of the Marketing Yearbook at wholesale rates to give away to prospects and clients).

The book will cover a wide range of marketing-related topics, featuring marketers like you in discussions on trends, possibilities and opportunities in your category in 2021.

Topics covered may include:

3D printing guerrilla marketing reputation management
account-based marketing incentives research – custom
activation marketing influencer marketing research – syndicated
affiliate marketing in-store marketing sales funnels
ambush marketing intellectual property sampling
analytics interactive advertising search engine marketing
animation local marketing search engine optimisation
artificial intelligence loyalty programs sentiment analysis
augmented reality machine learning shopper marketing
autoresponders magazines – consumer shopper sampling
B2B marketing magazines – trade social media advertising
behavioural targeting marketing automation social media marketing
branding marketing recruitment sponsorship
cause marketing messaging sports marketing
community management mobile apps strategic marketing
competitive intelligence multilevel marketing strategic planning
content management new product development telemarketing
content marketing newspapers television – free to air
CRM one-to-one B2B
television – pay
CX one-to-one B2C television – streaming
data analytics out-of-home trade marketing
data mining personalisation training and education
design photographic equipment user experience and usability
digital outdoor photography video marketing
direct response podcasts video production
directories predictive analytics video software
drones product sampling viral marketing
e-commerce programmatic virtual reality
email public relations – content
voice search
equipment public relations – lobbying
events radio web design
experiential marketing real-time bidding word-of-mouth
gamification remarketing writing



This is a sponsored Content Marketing project. You are invited to sponsor an article on a topic related to your business category and be willing to be interviewed on the agreed topic.

We will be interviewing you about the opportunities and possibilities inherent in [your chosen topic] in 2021. Practical examples and case studies are encouraged where available.

We can interview you by Zoom or telephone or even provide questions for you to answer by email if preferred.

All topic selection is subject to availability at time of booking. Relevant images are welcomed (in high-resolution), please provide your corporate logo and any images by no later than January 25.

A fee of $2995+GST applies for each sponsor, payment due January 20 2021. However this fee reduces to $2495+GST (save $500) for payment in full received by December 20 2020.

Super Early Bird purchasers can save a further $500 and pay just $1995+GST for payment in full received by November 30 2020.

All sponsored articles will include:

  • Full Contributor Credit, displayed on the contents page and on the article
  • A sponsorship box beside or at the end of the article, featuring the name & logo of your organisation, along with phone, email and website details.
  • a Full Page Four Colour advertisement (to be placed before or after your contribution, depending upon layout considerations)
  • Your logo will also be displayed at the beginning of the book, in a sponsorship credits section.

Your article will also be repurposed and published (as blog posts, articles and social media posts and potentially in other formats as well), as part of our Marketing Innovators thought leadership programme, ensuring that your sponsored content is picked up by the search engines to add authority and reinforce your expertise in your category.

Sponsors may also purchase additional Full Page Four Colour advertisements. An advertising fee of an additional $2495+GST per page applies.

Printed copies of the book will be available for sponsors to purchase at wholesale rates.

Topics shown above are available for sponsorship on a first-come, first-served basis. Other topics may be proposed by sponsors and will be considered by the publishers.

Our booking deadline is December 20 (although you are advised to BOOK EARLY to secure your choice of topic) and our deadline for interviews is January 27 (but earlier interviews are preferable).


The Marketing Yearbook is currently in development, but this is the general design theme for the interior pages:


This book will be distributed initially as an ebook, offered free of charge to New Zealand marketing decision-makers on our 1600-strong marketing database, to 3000+ current and former participants in our online marketing courses, and also via marketing blogs and social media and through participating industry associations and trade media. It will also be made available to members of at least a dozen NZ LinkedIn and Facebook business and marketing groups with a combined membership of more than 100,000 Kiwi business people.

The ebook will also, of course, be available for contributing sponsors to distribute freely to clients and prospects.

The book will also be available as a printed book on an on-demand basis. The book may also be available for purchase via and other online bookstores.


The book is only the first step in our ongoing Marketing Innovators thought leadership programme.

Key articles from the Marketing Yearbook (including all sponsored content) will also be promoted for at least the first half of 2021. Content will be:

  • published once a week as press releases (both locally and globally), to extend the reach of the thought leadership pieces
  • published weekly as blog posts to at least two of our websites and through other outlets such as
  • promoted individually through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • converted into videos and published to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • where appropriate, converted into PowerPoint and published to Slideshare

Each syndicated article will include a link to the article sponsor’s website, along with a link to, from where the ebook in its entirety can be downloaded.

To participate, please email us at


Next Steps

1 You contact us to book a topic, by email ( or telephone (phone Michael on 021 1493 403).

2 We confirm the topic and liaise with you to book a time for us to interview you (by phone or Zoom or via email Q&A).

3 We issue an invoice for your sponsorship and for any advertising.

4 You arrange payment of the invoice by the due date (pay by November 30 to save $1000 or by December 20 to save $500).

5 We interview you, at a time and date to be mutually agreed.

6 You provide us with any agreed imagery (along with your corporate logo) and your Full Page advertising material, no later than January 27.

7 The ebook version of the NZ MARKETING YEARBOOK is released in February 2021.

About the Author

The NZ Marketing Yearbook 2021 will be written and edited by author and marketer Michael Carney, who has been writing books, plays, articles, newsletters, reports and advertisements, as well as providing marketing advice to New Zealand clients large and small, for the last four decades, as a Strategic Planning Director, Strategist and Media Director with some of New Zealand’s leading advertising agencies.

Since 2010, Michael has also written more than 14 courses about digital marketing topics, training people from more than 3000 businesses through his online training organisation, Netmarketing Courses, partnering from time to time with a number of industry associations.

Michael is also the author of “Trade Me Success Secrets: How To Buy and Sell Effectively on NZ’s Favourite Auction Site”, now in its second edition; and has ghostwritten several business books over the last few years.

The NZ Marketing Yearbook 2021 is Michael’s sixth full-length book.


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