NZ Digital AdSpend Passes One Billion Dollars

Earlier this month, the NZ Advertising Standards Authority released its 2018 Advertising Turnover report, revealing that Digital Advertising Expenditure has now surpassed a billion dollars. For the year ended December 31 2018, NZ advertisers spent a total of 1.062 Billion Dollars in the digital realm, representing 40.33% of the total $2.633 billion advertising expenditure for the year.

That precedent-setting digital total was made up of $903 million in pure digital adspend, with the $159 million balance representing digital activities conducted under the auspices of the traditional media players:

  • Television $31 million
  • Newspapers $94 million
  • Magazines $30 million
  • Radio $4 million

Here’s the breakdown by medium for the year:

If we look back over the last seven years, it’s easy to see the steady growth of digital at the expense of, well, almost everything else:

We can’t say we’re surprised — we’ve been advocating digital marketing for many, many years — but we are delighted.

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